Next Generation FPS Game Developer

    BNFGAMES 是以次世代网页标准技术(HTML5)为基础的多平台游戏研发商。
    致力于研发兼容所有 WEB, PC, 单机,VR,IPTV等终端的平台或者操作系统及浏览器的游戏,
    使用户可随时随地轻松享受高品质的娱乐。 BNFGAMES 将努力成为全球最优秀的多平台游戏研发商。


  Multiplatform FPS Game with HTML5

    BNFGAMES 的全球化多平台 FPS 游戏项目 'PROJECT H5'。     ‘PROJECT H5’ 是以 HTML5 为基础制作而成,固可在 IE, Chrome, firefox, safari, opera 等浏览器能够运行的环境下均可轻松享受的游戏。 敬请期待高端品质的次世代多平台网页游戏 'PROJECT H5'


[Cooperation with DragonFly BNFGAMES]

Dragonfly has signed a licensing agreement with BNFGAMES, a developer of professional FPS games based on the web platform, for the development of high quality FPS games for 'Special Force 2' web vesion. BNFGAMES will launch FPS games that can be played on the web.

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[Special Force2, signed a development agreement]

Based on this agreement, BNFGAMES will develop a shooting game that can be played on the web, using the IP of "Special Force 2" being served in 75 countries around the world. Both companies are planning to actively exploit China, Japan, Southeast Asia, South America, etc., in which the web game market has been revived, reproducing original high-quality 3D graphics and gun sounds as they are.

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